Up in the Air Somewhere: Tiny Drinkware and Ceramics

From on June 02, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Earthenware that Revels in Imperfection

We all want to make our homes unique. But if you haven’t yet figured out how to break the mold, start with your home accessories. The new line by Susan Dwyer, dubbed “up in the air somewhere,” is uniquely organic and free to take shape as it sees fit. Check it out to see what I mean:

air somewhere yellow glasses

As with the rest of her products, these earthenware cups were made by hand without the use of a mold, so each one is slightly different from the next. They are individually glazed with either light gray or white, and then dipped in bright yellow rubber. Talk about cheery.

air somewhere silo votives

Charming and sweet, the Silo Votives are an innocent take on factory-scale storage silos. Collect several of them, the website suggests, and “create a mini industrial landscape in your home.”

air somewhere factory vessels

Even more detailed are these cute Factory Vessels. Container storage in a tiny smokestack? Sure, why not?

air somewhere pitchers

These precious pitchers come in either white or medium gray. They can house any beverage of your choice (although alcohol may lead to some accidents), and mix seamlessly with any color scheme.

air somewhere bowl

Maybe a bowl and spoon this dainty could lessen your salt intake. The spoon itself is gold-leafed on the handle and covered with a food-safe white glaze. It may seem superfluous, but it’s also too glamorous to care.

air somewhere platter

The gold lip platter may appear small, but it can actually be used as a table centerpiece. A gold-leafed rim circles the outside and a clear glossy glaze covers the center.

air somewhere fade vessel

Finally, more color! Crafted with paper mache, the Fade Vessel is surprisingly water-resistant. These are individually painted and polyurethaned to make the surfaces shiny and extra durable. Also available in peach.

In a world where perfection is applauded, shouldn’t we let our hair down every once in a while?