Uninspired Kitchen Gets Beautiful New Life

From on February 18, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel new life

We love before and after stories, especially for their ability to show what can be done with renovations. That it’s not necessary to start from scratch or (gasp) move entirely to have a beautiful rebirth of a space. Such is the case with this modernized kitchen, recreated by Laughing Sun Renovations in Atlanta.

kitchen before new life

As this before photo shows, the kitchen was large enough, but the original design made it seem smaller and darker than necessary. The culprits were the boxy cabinetry and wall color, among other elements. Which goes to show how the details really do matter. Greatly.

new kitchen cabinets

Where the original cabinets stopped to show dark paint, the new cabinetry rises directly to the white ceiling, creating visual brightness and continuity. Plus the cabinets are finished with a glass façade, taking some of the previous weight out of the kitchen’s look.

new kitchen nook

On the opposing wall, extra seating below leaves room for light windows above. In addition, the solid and sleek cabinetry keeps the look smooth and light while adding needed storage.

new kitchen pantry

A pull-out pantry in the corner makes use of every inch of the space, allowing what was once a crowded and dark kitchen to open and lighten up. The space automatically feels much more spacious.

new kitchen backsplash

And, while distinct and significant elements have been renovated, the overall structure of the kitchen has remained in tact. New beautiful details abound, such as the subway tile backsplash, vintage light fixtures and this awesome chalkboard cabinet wall. A beautiful new life for this kitchen.