Unexpected Color Combos for the Kitchen

From on January 29, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

I came across some beautiful, yet unexpected color combos on HGTV. It’s amazing! I never would have considered these colors before. Here are a few of my favorites.

Green & Silver

kitchen idea silver green

We’ve seen green and pink, green and brown, green and blue… but this flat, muted shade with shiny silver creates real elegance and has a calming effect. Punch up the energy with darker shades of green in everything from lime to kelly.

Red & White

kitchen idea red white

Nothing says bold like one or more red walls, even more so when contrasted with bright white cabinetry. Here, the lighting softens the look to make it striking, not shocking.

Black & Blue

kitchen idea blue black

In shades from slate to periwinkle, blue is an unusual choice to pair with black in a kitchen, but a creative one nevertheless. As opposed to natural-tone cabinetry, it really creates “a look.” This kitchen has style yet maintains its warmth.

Black & White

kitchen idea black white

While black and white may not be an unusual pairing, outside of retro-style kitchens, it’s usually seen with a ton of another color. But with shiny surfaces and accoutrements, such as stainless steel, glass vessels and lots of natural lighting, it creates a surprisingly soft and approachable feel.

Photo Credit: HGTV