Transforming the Ugliest Kitchen in the World

From on January 15, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

remodel kitchen island

Most kitchen renovations are pretty much the same—spruce things up a bit, splash some nice paint on the walls, maybe replace the cabinetry, and oh, yes, buy new appliances. So when you check out this kitchen transformation, you may have trouble believing that it’s the same house.

remodel kitchen cabinetsBefore renovation

Believe it. Meg, a designer-mom with a passion for interior décor and architecture, dreamed, and then chose to make those dreams a reality—even if it meant doing the unthinkable (breaking down walls and stuff).

remodel kitchen sunny windowsMeg’s daughter looking pleased with a clean, bright kitchen

Meg dreamed up the transformation herself. It required knocking out an entire wall, encroaching upon a back porch and redoing the flooring in multiple rooms. But it was worth it…even living with a gutted kitchen for weeks on end.

remodel kitchen living room

First of all, Meg’s space was in need of some light. With the low ceilings and paucity of windows, dark oak was just not going to do. Enter brand-new white cabinetry and crisp, sleek black countertops. Also, goodbye sad-looking linoleum; hello uber-cool hardwood floor.

remodel kitchen office

For her family, the kitchen is the hub of the home’s activity. Since it connects to the living room, dining area and computer nook, the place is constantly alive. That’s why Meg chose her colors well—bright white cabinetry with creamy off-white paint for the walls. The green chalkboard on one wall and knick-knack attractions located just about everywhere reflect the personality, the homey feel and the lived-in ambience that the kitchen so badly needed.

This kitchen is one of the most remarkable transformations that you’ll ever see. Want to try it yourself? In your own home? The pictures are enough to compel me, even with the three months living out of the fridge in the living room!