Top 5 Green Kitchen Cabinets

From on June 24, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

#1 - Green Tech Cabinetry

green kitchen cabinets greentechBamboo Series by GreenTech Cabinetry

You’d think that with a name like GreenTech Cabinetry, this company would have something to back up its big-claim name. And indeed they do. GreenTech starts with the right wood. Using carefully selected woods from carefully screen providers, they choose wood that is grown right and harvested right. FSC and GreenTech Core testify to this. They never use rainforest species, but they do use wood species that are absolutely safe and of the highest quality.

Beyond just the wood, they make sure that the construction of cabinets is VOC-free and formaldehyde-free from start to finish. The best part about it all? They make drop-dead awesome cabinets. Earning a feature article in Unique Homes Magazine doesn’t happen by producing cheap cabinets.

#2 - Armstrong Cabinets

green kitchen cabinets armstrongArmstrong’s La Cerise Cabinets in a Crystal Brown finish

They are one of the biggest cabinet producers in the country, but Armstrong’s big size hasn’t diminished their attention to detail. One such “detail” is their concern for environmental stewardship. They recently earned the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association (KCMA) award for environmental stewardship protection and sustainability.

The company exhibited above-average rankings in resource management, process resources management, air quality and other areas. Oh, and their actual cabinets? They also earned the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Cabinets” award from J. D. Powers. That’s a pretty good cabinet company.

#3 - American Woodmark

green kitchen cabinets woodmarkAmerican Woodmark’s Savannah Maple Cabinets

Taking a quick look at a company’s trophy shelf tells you what they’re really good at. American Woodmark is good at green. They too received kudos from the KCMA for environmental activity. In addition, they raise the environmental mantra among other cabinetmakers. I guess you could say that they aren’t content just to be green themselves. They want to help other companies evolve, too. American Woodmark keeps their prices fair and their quality high. They are the favored cabinetry brand for the Home Depot stores.

#4 - Brookhaven Cabinetry

green kitchen cabinets brookhaven

Brookhaven is recognized for luxury. They offer an innovative means for allowing homeowners to customize their kitchen cabinetry. Brookhaven features a profusion of options in terms of species, stain, texture, color, hardware, construction style and every other type of feature that you could ever want for your kitchen cabinetry.

In addition, Brookhaven is green to the core. The same innovation that has fueled an outstanding product has also produced responsibility in environmental policy. Each manufacturing facility is equipped with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, purifying the air and eradicating contaminants. In addition, every factory reuses water, sawdust, and creates their own fuel to enhance environmental responsibility in every facet of their operation.

#5 - EcoCraft Kitchen Cabinetry

green kitchen cabinets ecocraft

So many companies these days are going green with their operation. That’s a good thing. What’s hard is distinguishing which companies are really truly green from the ones that only say that they’re green. One company that is true about being green is EcoCraft Kitchen Cabinetry. One look at their product will assure you that they don’t budge on the level of quality. Each product is finely crafted with impeccable quality.

They also have high standards when it comes to their wood selection. EcoCraft uses only wood from FCS forests that are within a local market. Furthermore, they steer clear of anything that smells faintly of formaldehyde and VOCs. Their passionate commitment to safety, responsibility, and quality, earns them a spot on our top five list.