This White Kitchen Remodel Gives a Roaring Nod to the 20s

From on November 24, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

vintage kitchen design

When this graphic designer went to restore her kitchen, she wasn’t kidding around. One of the last rooms of a bed and breakfast that she and her husband had been restoring, getting the details of this kitchen right were very important.

They wanted to keep it authentic to the period yet also create a highly functional space, so they set to work designing the kitchen via computer first. With careful planning and construction, this cook space turned out exactly as they wanted, right down to the hydraulic pullouts and decorative oven hood.

vintage kitchen marble countertops

The Carrera marble countertops not only provide long-lasting quality, but hearken to old candy store counters, and are illuminated by the chandelier above.

Period-specific remodeling is not so uncommon today. Many designers hone the skill well—in fact, it’s a style you can plan for with the right contractor and vision in mind.

vintage kitchen glass cabinets

These custom-made cabinets are made in true Twenties style, and include a rolling library ladder for the top shelving. The ribbed frosted glass of the highest shelving hides lesser-used and lesser-beautiful items such as crock pots and extra books.

vintage kitchen tile flooring

From its vintage flooring up to the subway tiling—and even time-appropriate details such as the clock—this kitchen is roaring with 1927 life.