The Orange Kitchen - Ooh or Eww?

From on May 01, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Styles and colors go through changes and phases, such as the split-pea green of the sixties to the blues and mauves of the nineties. So, what is going to be the “in” color this year? Are you ready for this, how about orange? Okay, don’t dismiss it right away. Take the time to look through some galleries and see how awesome this color can look. For everything from range hoods to small fixtures, orange is the new accent color. Technically, it is more accurately referred to as tangerine, but is still basically orange. Orange Kitchen As far as color schemes go, neutrals and whites are still in, but orange is becoming more and more popular as an accent color. Add splashes of vibrant color to an otherwise drab interior. Try using orange cookware, orange towels, orange fabrics on your chairs or window treatments, or in small fixtures. When combined with rich chocolates, caramels, and creams, it will create a modern, earthy look. This one example uses a marble-orange countertopping: Earthy Mediterranean. Combined with knotty-pine cabinetry and a wood-burning fireplace it creates a cozy Old World look. Another example of the current use of orange in the kitchen is featured in an Electrolux Appliance advertisement. (Be sure to click on the “amazing entertainer” link.) The cabinets are constructed in a simple wood design and are stained in a warm honey-orange. When paired with stainless appliances, you have a truly contemporary look. The beauty of modern design is the great amount of creative freedom allowed for each enthusiast. If you want to venture beyond the safe tones of a drab palette and try something new, consider incorporating some sunny orange tones into your kitchen. There are no set rules, allowing you to mix and match your colors and create a look that is all of your own. Discuss your color scheme with your contractor today.