The Live-in Kitchen Design Trend

From on October 28, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Live-In KitchenLive-In KitchenThe average homeowner’s lifestyle is hectic with fleeting moments of family time. It makes sense that the one room where everyone wants to congregate at the end of the day is the soothing, aroma-filled kitchen. Baptized the “hub” of the household, the kitchen is the one place where people hang out even if the chef is on strike. Over the years, this magnetic room has been covertly coaxing the living room furniture closer to the kitchen, inch by inch, and finally – a trend is born. Homeowners are furnishing their kitchens to accommodate family and guests in what’s now called the live-in kitchen.

Live-In Kitchen

Actually, the trend was born much earlier than you think. Over a hundred years ago, the kitchen and living room took up one room and stories were told around the hearth. The trend is back, but in a 21st century kind of way. The comfort of the new kitchen promotes relaxation. It’s a place where American families can talk about their day, solve problems, plan futures, do homework, watch TV, Google points of contention to outsmart each other in debate, and sometimes even cook.

Live-In Kitchen

Today’s kitchen remodeling includes comfort elements like an overstuffed sofa to kick back and enjoy that cup of java and newspaper in style. Or, a side table and rocking chair for reading that juicy novel and sipping hot tea. The focus is on lifestyle and creating a space where you can cook, help the kids with their homework, catch the seven o’clock news, return phone calls and never miss a beat or a prized conversation.

Live-In Kitchen

At the core of our socio-domestic fabric is cooking, entertaining and conversation, and the new live-in kitchen reflects those ideals. The live-in kitchen is a practical solution that incorporates comfort with function and turns an average kitchen into an ideal setting for living and entertaining.

Live-In KitchenPhoto Credit: KitchenIdeas, TrendsIdeas, & HGTV