The Future of Kitchen Cabinetry

From on October 03, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-cabinets.jpgKitchens stand at the heart of American remodeling. Not only that, the kitchen is like the main artery of the American home. It is the first place kids go when they arrive home from school. It is ground zero for an evening with the family and, in today’s busy work-work-play lifestyle, it is where we spend a good portion of our time at home. Recent studies and statistics have reflected that in recent years, there’s been accelerated growth in kitchen remodeling, and cabinets have been a dominant force behind that growth. In fact, kitchen cabinetry, as an industry itself, grew to an estimated $14 billion by 2006, according to a new report.

But in today’s remodeling climate of “pulling back” and “slowing down,” what is at stake for the kitchen cabinet industry? Although the new report is dubbed High Growth Forecasted for the Kitchen Cabinets in the U.S., the synopsis seems to spell out quite a different future. It notes that the industry, amidst the current housing recession, fell 13 percent in 2007. Nonetheless, what remodeling remains (and 14 billion, less 13 percent, is still a good amount) will certainly be bolstered by kitchen cabinetry. Unfortunately the report, released by Specialists in Business Information (SBI), will apparently cost a good grip of money to actually read in full. So, in the interest of giving you something to work with, here is a list of articles and cabinet manufacturers that perform well:



  • Crystal Cabinets, a family-owned Minnesota company, specializes in custom cabinets in a wide range of styles. They also offer a line of environmentally friendly cabinet choices.
  • Masterbrand cabinets, manufactured in Grants Pass, OR, is the parent to three cabinet brands: Diamond, Kemper, and Schrock. All three brands are of similar quality and range from standard to more custom, high-quality designs.
  • Thomasville is a household name in American cabinetry. Sold exclusively through Home Depot, the company offers a variety of affordable kitchen cabinets. Thomasville is not limited to cabinets either. They offer an array of home furnishings, all designed to complement each other.
  • American Woodmark is to Lowe’s what Thomasville is to Home Depot (although they also manufacture a separate cabinet line for Home Depot). They manufacture cabinets for both remodels and new construction. They incorporate their own line of finishes and styles to complement any home decor.