The Blue Kitchen Isn’t Sad; It’s Striking

From on May 08, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Blue Kitchen

So far, we’ve discussed the all white kitchen, the orange kitchen, and the yellow kitchen. Now, it’s time to take a look at blue. Blue has actually been creeping back into home design in recent years, and in 2008 has taken on an exciting new color.

Up until this point, the shades of blue in home design have been cool and airy. The combination of silvery gray, pure white, and stainless steel leaves you feeling as though you just stepped into a sea of clouds. This year, a whole new dimension has been added to the blue phenomenon, and is revving up to take off full throttle. Pale blues are still in, but designers have stepped it up a notch and are now embracing a darker hue. This Blue Modernist Kitchen exemplifies a deeper blue that makes more of a statement, especially when applied to the smooth cabinetry. Notice the striking combination of blues and stainless steel, along with the many modern touches used in accessorizing.

The use of a deeper blue is infiltrating modern appliances as well. This unique kitchen promoted by Viking Appliances, creates a beautiful combination of blue appliances with natural woods and stones. Observe the combination of blue and stainless on the stove and refrigerator. Ranges, range hoods, even dishwashers are all available in this new shade.

This soothing shade of blue works wonderfully as simply an accent color also. Because it goes so well with dark woods and stainless appliances, cobalt blue works well in pans, tea pots, vases, and canisters.

Whether you want your kitchen swimming in blue, or simply want to add a decorative splash here and there, this new shade just expands the abundant supply of color choices already available for kitchen design. If this article has inspired you to bring some vibrant color to your kitchen, then request free estimates from pre-certified contractors today.

Photo Credit: Attic Mag