The Best in Creative Kitchen Island Designs

From on November 23, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

The resourceful creators of these kitchen islands have figured out a way to combine it all, a way to compact the kitchen. The room’s necessary features are built into a rectangular space no bigger than what was once just a work top. See how they’ve minimized to maximize.

Always Room for More

kitchen islandkitchen island

Check out this incredible kitchen island. It’s a self-contained meal preparation unit with a work and cook space, storage area and sink. Three gas burners heat the cook top. Exceptional details include the translucent copper sink, large drawers for storage and a decorative metal rack underneath for more room. Your refrigerator and this space-saving island are all you really need. But just in case, modules can be added to extend the island.

Said creator Daniel Heckscher, “Future living conditions, a sustainable development of the city and the way we want to live are all big questions… I’ve tried to illustrate it through a kitchen instead; the heart of any household.”

A Striking Look at Non-Design

kitchen island

Bulthaup, a German kitchen design company, borrows ideas from outdoor workshops for island layouts and their function. For the kitchen workbenches in particular, reducing and organizing space is the goal. High functionality and low adornment falls in line with the minimalist concept. Alongside construction of the kitchen workbench are two “tool” cabinets for appliances, cookware and food storage.

kitchen island

When creator Gerd Bulthaup was asked to come up with ideas for a mobile kitchen system, his unusual response was, “Out with design!” Thus, the b2 Kitchen Workstation was created and awarded last year with the Elle Decoration International Design Award.

kitchen island

Modern with the Most

kitchen island

Solaris Workstation by Pietro Arsio was designed with two main functions in mind: fix it and let’s eat! The Corian worktop is fitted with a sink and sprayer, four cooking units, drawer and pull-out basket for storage. The lamp above the sink adds one more funky-looking yet practical feature to this modern update. It’s a kitchen island as we’ve never seen it before.

Commercially Speaking

kitchen island

When a well-known restaurant chain approached Enodis culinary and engineering staff with a challenge, this was the result. The chain wanted to decrease the kitchen space and increase production from that same space. With rising costs for commercial property and declining availability of sought after locations, “Half the kitchen, double the production” is a commercial downsizing dream come true.

Photo Credits: Remodelista, BornRich, & Manitowoc