The All-White Kitchen

From on April 21, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

White Kitchen

An all-white kitchen? Isn’t that a bit too close to a sanitarium or a hospital? Surprisingly, all-white kitchens are springing up everywhere this year as the “in” look in kitchen design. Is this new look one that is going to last, or just a passing fad?

The white kitchen has made a comeback for a combination of reasons. First of all, it is an all-time classic, and if combined with other white design elements throughout the house it can create an elegant and traditional feel. Secondly, it allows for large liberties to be taken with complementary style elements. Finally, the cool white in combination with the clean, straight lines of the cabinetry presents a contemporary look that is popular and trendy.

Does “all white” transfer into appliances, countertopping, flooring, and fixtures? Yes and no. The beauty of white is that it can go with pretty much anything. You have the ability to create any look you can dream up by accenting the white cabinetry with your own color scheme. Stainless appliances still seem to be a favorite, but white can be used to “blend in” your appliances. That is, if you want to continue the seamless, clean look of contemporary design, appliances that blend unobtrusively into the background can be quite desirable.

White kitchens are also popular because of the nostalgic appeal; they bring back the warm memories of our mothers and grandmothers cooking up alluring smells in their white kitchens. Additionally, white is very neutral, and won’t present decorating difficulties to potential buyers.

The resurgence of white doesn’t mean that woods and other colors are outdated. That is the beauty of modern decorating; you have a lot of freedom in your creativity. Woods, whites, and stainless are all in, and you can combine them in any manner you please. White is definitely a trend, but don’t worry. If it begins to go out of style, you have many easy solutions available to you to give it a quick makeover. Talk with your kitchen remodeling contractor about pricing a white kitchen for you.