Streamlining Your Kitchen

From on June 14, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

streamline kitchen stainless steel

You admit it. You have cooking schizophrenia. One week you’re Julia Child’s doppelganger with an apron and French rolling pin, the next you’re breezing through the kitchen as fast as possible and swearing to order take-out. Forever. So much of the blockage we get as chefs come when cooking becomes a labor, and not a love. We run out of time, out of energy, out of flour just when we need it most.

Whether you can boast a newly remodeled kitchen, or are using a temporary kitchen until time for your next move, you can create a streamlined, enviable working space. The major personalizing and perfecting will not be huge redesign projects, but rather, planning and professionalizing your kitchen. Here are three essential steps to get you on your way to enjoying your kitchen space better and perfecting that coq au vin.

streamline kitchen shelving

#1 – Create Areas. Accumulate materials and equipment according to where you’ll use them in the kitchen. Put oils and vinegars in the cabinet beside the stove, dry goods together, canned goods together. Put the pots and spatulas within arm’s reach of where you’ll need them. Child herself kept baking materials and equipment grouped in one cupboard, for instance.

streamline kitchen cabinets#2 – Create a Bulk Section. Instead of sorting through thousands of little containers and bags to complete your kitchen task, put everything into different-sized clear canning jars. You can get a dozen for about $10. Fill them with anything from cocoa powder to pasta, and not only appreciate the beauty of your food, but make the process of getting into your materials as easy as the unscrewing of a lid. This includes putting spices into those cute little glass jars, marking them with a label (think Paper Source, for you aesthetically sensitive), and keep them out for easy access.

streamline kitchen storage#3 – Plan Your Storage. It’s the stuff behind the scenes that can drive one mad. Whatever your kitchen space, think of it as a general store. Stack and organize logically, and face labels forward. When an item starts to deplete, restock quickly and have what you need for impromptu cooking or after-work entertaining at your fingertips.