Streamlined Kitchen Sink of the Future: Cooking Made Easy

From on May 13, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Have I ever mentioned the soft spot that I have for spectacularly organized multifunctional kitchens? They make me want to whip up some complicated French dish while listening to classical music. And I don’t even cook…or listen to classical music, for that matter. What exactly am I referring to? This awesome multi-cooking system by Binova. streamlined kitchen organizer Made with small spaces in mind, this sink has two sliding trays – one that can be used as a cutting board (it even includes a knife rack) and one to drain fruit or vegetables. There’s also a rack on the side for plates and utensils after washing. streamlined kitchen dish rack The entire unit blends in nicely with any countertop and won’t take up more room than a normal-sized sink. streamlined kitchen knife rack Cooking is hard enough as it is (at least from my limited-experience perspective), so why not make the process a little more streamlined? At least then you’ll have extra time to actually enjoy what you created. streamlined kitchen stove