Stellar Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

From on March 15, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

stellar kitchen remodel

We’ve mentioned how renovating the kitchen can bring the largest return on investment. Not to mention that such renovations improve this high-trafficked room and make your home more personalized in the process. Well, one couple took their renovations a step further, tightly merging highly individualized functionality with a beautiful contemporary style.

stellar kitchen tablestellar kitchen beforeBefore renovation; the kitchen had remained mostly untouched since 1964

Since purchasing their outdated 1960s home around 10 years ago, the owners have been slowly remodeling—and kitchen and laundry renovations were at the top of their list. Not only was the kitchen in need of upgrading, but the laundry “room” was inconveniently tucked into a small closet off the main hallway.

stellar kitchen counterLaundry cabinet doors slide away for full access to washer and dryer

stellar kitchen laundry

The couple looked hard at what their desires and specific needs were. After consideration they decided to move their laundry room into the kitchen. This is a concept still popular in Europe, and the couple decided that since they spend much of their time in the kitchen, incorporating the laundry into the system would be a nice improvement.

stellar kitchen rangeA tiled kitchen backsplash lightens up the often overcast light in Oregon

stellar kitchen sink

Addressing specific lifestyle needs, says the couple, has paid off majorly. They love their changes. The tall counter surfaces over the washer and dryer also add needed surface space to the kitchen.

stellar kitchen remodel

The most difficult style choice for the couple was the countertop material. While loving the look of concrete, they wanted something more durable, and went with Caesarstone Raven quartz counters. They got their concrete fix with their table, and are pleased with the efforts to create a warm, cozy, and contemporary space.

kitchen patio

So what do you think? Does this kitchen inspire you in your own renovations?