Spotlighting the Smartest Refrigerator

From on August 06, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

It’s the hub of family activity - furnish your refrigerator like you’d furnish the living room.

Innovation is the name of the game. With the option to order individual refrigerator drawers to fit anywhere in the home - yes, anywhere - the 700 series by Sub-Zero is both cutting edge and extremely functional. Bold stainless steel ensures a long lifespan. This system was created with you in mind because it allows you to custom-design a kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

smart-refrigerator.jpgPhoto Credit: Sub-Zero

The refrigerator is in the top cabinet, while the two freezer drawers sit below. There are endless ways to organize the interior spaces. You can order custom panels, classic stainless, platinum stainless and carbon stainless, so finding a unit to complement your kitchen needn’t be a hair-pulling experience.

If you cook a lot with veggies, you can add a set of refrigerator drawers to your food prep island or right beside the sink. The split configuration is great for small children; you can store milk, juice and snacks for easy reach. I eat only organic food, which means that my freezer is empty (except for one emergency Amy’s Organic frozen entrée). My fridge, however, is stuffed with yogurt, eggs, cheese, salad fixings, fruit, chicken, and wild salmon. Extra refrigeration drawers throughout my kitchen would be a godsend – this is why the kitchen needs to fit the lifestyle.

The refrigerator drawers, which sell for around $3,200, fit under the kitchen counter and come in stainless steel or can be fitted with a panel to match your existing wood cabinets.


  • Designed for “point-of-use” refrigeration wherever you need it
  • Dual refrigeration offers two distinct temperature zones for higher efficiency
  • Easy access to control buttons
  • Cabinet drawers are lit
  • If a door or drawer is left open, the refrigerator beeps
  • Crisper drawer has convenient dividers
  • Can be purchased with or without an ice maker
  • Low running costs