Small Kitchen, Big Remodel

From on February 07, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

small kitchen condo cabinetsKitchen renovations are hard enough when the space is large—so how do you accomplish an update when there’s only enough room for one person to move around in your kitchen? Such was Gene Ambroson’s challenge when he decided to renovate his space.

Because he was limited in what he could change by living in a condo, Ambroson met with contractor Brad Beach to create a highly functional space that also reflects his personal style. Although essential kitchen elements—like storage, cooking and eating spaces, as well as food preparation functionality—were already in place, Ambroson wanted to improve these.

small kitchen condo countertops

Old countertops were replaced with foam core board, which resists mold and wears well. Instead of going with open shelving or hooks, Ambroson chose to store serving and cooking utensils in a spinning container, keeping pots and pans within reach.

small kitchen condo remodel

He purchased new stainless steel appliances (which replaced items like his 1978 dishwasher) to create a modern function and presentation. The current kitchen sink was outfitted with a new faucet. The cabinetry remained intact, but was resurfaced with a rich cedar look and new hardware, which made most sense with the space he had, and saved money in the process.

As a result, Ambroson worked with what he had to create a cooking space that will look wonderful for many more years to come.