See What’s Cooking in Northern California Kitchen Remodels

From on November 30, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen remodeling has been hot in San Francisco—and with good reason.

With one of the highest returns on investment, a kitchen remodel makes your home more sellable while adding drastic value in the meantime. Northern California residents, especially those in San Francisco and Oakland, are aware of this—and are going beyond the basics to improve their kitchens and energy savings.

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Take a look at the latest trends—and join the hype by improving your own kitchen for the better.

The Bay’s Energy-Smart Kitchens

With so many technical needs in the kitchen, the first consideration in a cost-smart kitchen remodel is how to improve the appliances and electrical set-up. If you have a limited budget to spend on a kitchen remodel, then take note that the best thing you can start with is to replace your appliances. beautiful-san-francisco-kitchen-remodel

When choosing a dishwasher, stove, or refrigerator, remember that Energy Star rebates are available in various states for appliances that meet the efficiency requirements. Green remodeling tax credits also may apply to many items. Be aware that a lot of these rebates run out at the end of the year, so consider an early holiday present that will qualify you for this year’s savings.

Some of the processes to get rebates can be quite technical, so talk to a professional who can help insure that you get what’s coming to you. You can click here to check out CalFinder’s database of contractors in your area, updated regularly for quality.

LED lighting and other energy-saving techniques are also a focus in the latest San Francisco kitchen remodels. This is an investment way worth making, considering how much you’ll save in energy and money. The beautiful thing about conserving energy today, as Northern California residents understand, is that you no longer have to choose between functionality and beauty. You can go green while getting the exact look you want.


Aesthetic Improvements

Aside from functionality, homeowners from San Leandro to Marin are looking at a whole new kind of mixed aesthetics. With carefully-chosen materials, they are creating quality and lasting modern kitchens. And they are doing so by mixing materials. They’re blending warmer details like green kitchen cabinets, hardwood, bamboo and even cork flooring with industrial materials such as granite countertops and stainless steel—and the result is a highly professionalized space that feels anything but clinical.

Appliances that Do Double and Triple Duty

These residents know how to work their space. Even small kitchens are getting “professional chef”-level improvements by going with innovative designs. A kitchen island becomes a pull-out cooled wine cellar, a cookbook storage unit, a second dining table, and a cutting block. Microwaves are being inserted flush with the dead space of a small pantry wall.

Materials Make the Difference

Consider going with sturdy and unusual materials like recycled glass for a kitchen backsplash, granite and even concrete countertops, and repurposed industrial materials throughout. Photos via Houzz