This Seattle Remodel Features One Beautiful Kitchen

From on October 20, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


It’s always heartening to see a home that offers the most energy efficiency possible without requiring new construction. Such is the case with a recently remodeled, 1,822-square-foot home in West Seattle’s Gatewoods neighborhood—a contemporary home that was built in 1984.

This home recently underwent major remodeling by Green Canopy Homes, a community-focused renovation firm in Seattle that exists to “re-use and remodel homes in local neighborhoods using leading efficiency methods and materials, while keeping the original charm and home design intact.”


True to their goal, Green Canopy Homes retained the original charm that this home offered, while recreating its functionality. As a part of the Built Green certification-seeking project, this three-bedroom 2.5-bathroom home underwent extensive energy performance testing both before and after the remodeling process.

To achieve an acceptable score, the home received dual-pane windows, spray foam insulation, bio-ethanol fireplaces, and a ductless mini-split heat pump system, among other things.

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Improvements on the home also included many user-friendly features that not only increase efficiency but make living better. Energy Star appliances, bamboo flooring, low-VOC paints, low-flow faucets and showerheads, and even locally-crafted railings made from aluminum.

The purchase of this finished home included an iPad, allowing the new owner to easily access the home’s advanced energy monitoring system, keeping tabs on its efficiency at all times.


Financially, the improvements way pay off. Like many efficiency choices, there is an initial up-front investment, which pays off continually. The improvements and upgrades for this home cost a total of about $12,000—which is modest in and of itself, considering the revolutionary improvements—and the improvements are estimated to save the homeowner around $900 per year on energy costs.

The decision to remodel this house for green living also included the area’s surroundings. The home’s Walk Score of 35 isn’t fantastic, but it resides in close proximity to bus and biking options, to help take the mission of Green Canopy beyond the interiors. The company also offers CSA gift cards for organic and local food delivery.

Aside from the wonderfully improved home, the company’s initiative to improve neighborhoods and individuals’ abilities to go greener are impressive. And they show that with great planning and choosing the right home to start with, such improvements are affordable, beautiful, and ultimately very worth it.