Same Materials, Drastically Different Kitchens: Hot Designs by Newcastle

From on March 30, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Look how far kitchens have come in terms of style, quality, and function. I love these Newcastle kitchens. They’re everything I think of when I imagine my dream kitchen. newcastle kitchen island A large center island, unlike yesteryear, is mandatory in today’s kitchen. Perfect for gathering, this white-painted maple-top is a stunner accented by a stainless pot and utensil rack above. Granite is the worktop of choice along the cabinets. newcastle kitchen granite This look goes with the ever-popular white again, but with retro appliances and stools in black plus matching artwork, the effect is completely different. The Nero Assoluto granite and oak island is sleek as can be. Note the handle-less cabinetry. newcastle kitchen maple Here, we’ve got the black granite on the countertops, but what a statement it makes paired with stainless steel work surfaces alongside it. The hardness is counterbalanced by soft-looking maple cabinetry from floor to ceiling. A very unique design. newcastle kitchen stainless steel Painted cabinets really make this kitchen. The maple island is joined with the soft-gray painted cabinets for a classic kitchen with modern sophistication. The matching maple drawers up top are a charming accent, and along with the maple shelf, unite the room. If I’ve learned anything from Newcastle’s roundup, it’s that you can create drastically changing designs from the same basic materials. They did four amazing kitchens from white-painted cabinets, two hues of granite, maple, oak and stainless steel. Well done.