Renovate Like Bob Vila: 8 Tips to Remodel Your Kitchen in Style

From on February 02, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel

Bob-VilaBob Vila. That good old home remodeling expert. Think of how many renovation tips he’s bestowed on America throughout his television career. Surely you garnered needed information from his time on This Old House from 1979 to 1989, among his other shows. He’s a classic, a master, one of the most trusted names in home improvement—for decades.

What are the top 8 tips that Bob would say about a great kitchen remodel?

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and want to either get the best bang for your buck—or want to complete much of the project yourself, consider these hints that Bob himself has given a nod to.

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1. Know Your Countertops

Be aware of basic concerns and kitchen countertop spacing issues. You want to make sure and have room on both sides of the sink, as well as at least 20 feet of countertop space available, in larger kitchens. Consider the distance from the backsplash to the edge of the counter, which should be approximately 2 feet. How easy is it to access the garbage and kitchen cabinets from this surface area? The answers you get might surprise you.

2. Pick Time-Saving Appliances

While wallpaper replacement is fun, appliance replacement is paramount in the kitchen. When looking for the right appliances, Bob says to consider the LG Studio Series cooktop, which uses Ultraheat technology that accelerates cooking time, saving you effort in the kitchen as well as energy. The oven boasts a reduced cooking time by 30 percent.


3. Plan in Advance

Especially when you’re considering a project that will require your money, and possibly your time if you want to execute some of it on your own, you need to make a plan. Consider beforehand the top three priorities that need to change to revolutionize this space. Make notes of the finishing details or extra changes you’d like to make if time and money allow, at the end.

4. DIY Your Cabinetry

If the cabinets are still in good shape, you can change the look of your kitchen in a weekend by re-painting the walls and resurfacing or repainting the cabinets. Doing this project on your own can save you up to 50 percent over a complete remodel.


5. Get Help!

While Bob is the champion of the do-it-yourself task, he also recommends getting professional help. With major design or construction, kitchen remodeling contractors are going to be well worth the money, and will help your kitchen function better, look nicer, and last longer.

6. Go With an Energy-Efficient Dishwasher

With how many dishes you’ll be doing over the life of your new dishwasher, it pays (literally—it pays you back) to consider going greener. Dacor, for instance, boasts that its Renaissance Dishwasher, which is ENERGY-STAR certified, cuts down on electricity and water usage, making you happy from day to day and saving you money on bills.


7. Can Your Sink Multitask?

Your kitchen is most likely required to do many jobs. According to Bob, Muirsis and Danze offer hands-free faucets with several functions, such as easy flow adjustments and automatic temperature gauging. In a large kitchen, good design in a faucet can’t be underrated. Consider other brands that Bob likes, such as Rohl and JSG Oceana (which boasts the only glass sink on the market).

8. Choose Your Colors Proportionately

With so many kitchen remodeling ideas out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with options. Keep design continuity with a planned color scheme. Bob suggests going for a 60-30-10 scheme, meaning 60 percent of a main color, 30 percent complementing, and 10 percent in a backsplash or trim.

Did I Miss Anything?

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