Pretty in White: Subtle and Charming Kitchen Remodel

From on July 14, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Clean lines and a minimal color palette were the leading forces behind this kitchen remodel for a Mount Baker 1920’s bungalow. But don’t let the simplicity fool you—this is one design where functionality doesn’t mask the original charm, and white somehow speaks volumes. white kitchen remodel Greenery peaks in from the backdrop of windows behind the sink, mingling with the small potted plants on the countertop. Natural lighting keeps the white cabinetry from feeling stark and provides a warm and welcoming vibe. white kitchen stainless steel For an outdated kitchen, new appliances are essential. The stainless steel stove adds a crisp finish to the surroundings. white kitchen dining roomA dining room was added just off the kitchen area to provide a nice seating area for guests, without entirely isolating the chef. The dark wood table provides a welcome reprieve from the minimal color palette while the frosted glass adds a touch of glamour. white kitchen wood flooringThis design provides a simple reminder that it’s all in the finishing touches. Simplicity with a touch of elegance really can go a long way.