Porcelanosa: Innovative Kitchen & Bath Design

From on June 28, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Just the name, Porcelanosa, gives you a sense of the elegance, beauty and sophistication of this company. They are a leader in the production of porcelain tile, terracotta flooring, setting materials, hardwood flooring and kitchen and bath furnishings. porcelanosa kitchen flooring

Kitchen & Bathroom Products

Porcelanosa is known as a top-tier producer of tile products. Although they offer large building solutions, their primary market is homeowners, remodelers and luxury building contractors.

porcelanosa stainless steel kitchen

The company shines in the kitchen market. As the company has grown, so has their ability in kitchen design. Based in Europe, they have a remarkable understanding of European kitchen-design trends. The modern flair of every one of their kitchen designs is in keeping with contemporary standards of convenience. Porcelanosa offers complete customization services for any kitchen product.

porcelanosa bathroom wall

In the trend toward spa-like bath implements, Porcelanosa is no stranger. They produce bathroom vanities, sinks, bathtubs and other accessories. They even have mirrors, plumbing fixtures and designer faucets. One of their trademark bath products is the column hydro massage shower.

Their tile selection is massive. Marble, porcelain, ceramic, glass, mosaic and even stainless steel are all part of their offerings. Tile designs are perfect for general purpose flooring, or custom use in specialized places.

porcelanosa bathroom tiles

Greening as They Go

Like any quality company today, Porcelanosa is committed to protecting the environment. ISO 140001 certification was just the beginning. In each manufacturing plant is installed a water depuration system, plus gas-burning technology to fight waste. Their goal is safety, conservation and purity. The product is an item you can trust.


Porcelanosa is a Spanish company. Thirty years ago, they were born in a seaside village in Southern Spain. Today, they operate in 70 countries, and offer a comprehensive selection of home solutions for the ultimate in beauty and luxury.