Innovation, Beauty and Peacock Feathers: An Incredible Kitchen Remodel by Ken Kelly

From on July 23, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Designed for an artsy family of six in Dix Hills, New York, this kitchen remodel is perhaps one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. It captures the family’s personality so well—their creative, playful spirit, colorful design taste…even their love of peacock feathers! We sat down with Ken Kelly of Kitchen Designs, the mastermind behind it all, to get the story on this amazing makeover. Ken shared his secrets to a fun yet functional kitchen remodel.

peacock kitchen remodel

#1 – First of all, where did you come up with these beautiful color combinations?

While speaking with the clients and walking through their home, I noticed they loved color, and the home had a very artsy personality and was quite expressive. It reminded me immediately of a quilt. There were colorful teapots in the original kitchen and several peacocks in various sizes, colors, and shapes in the room. There was also a single peacock feather tucked into the bulletin board. When I asked the clients about their “thing for peacocks,” they said part of what they loved about peacocks were all the colors. I immediately thought of an interior decorator I know who is a fabulous quilter. I asked the clients if they were open to bringing in this designer because I knew she would create the exact eccentric element to the design I had in my mind for this kitchen. They agreed, and we came up with this fabulous mosaic tile floor consisting of 22 different colors. We then patterned them to create the “quilted” rug effect on the floor—all in glass tile.

peacock kitchen flooringpeacock kitchen ceiling

#2 – That peacock feather ceiling mural is so fun! What’s the story there?

The mural is hand-painted and gives the client a little something more than a feather pinned to her bulletin board. I designed that ceiling because the previous ceiling was cathedral vaulted –very blah and unexciting. It had an almost industrial-looking track light system hanging down off the vaulted ceiling. peacock kitchen cabinets

Part of what I did to make it cozier was to redesign the vaulted ceiling to a flat ceiling of 9 feet. Then, I made a tray ceiling just over the island to raise the height farther and add volume to the room. With the extra volume, the light fixture could be raised—that way, it doesn’t hang down so low over your head. The result is a nice, open space feeling.

#3 – What about that mosaic-style backsplash?

After honing in on cabinet details and counter selection, we customized the backsplash with a mixing and matching of raised textures and patterns. This gives the kitchen the same artistic feel as the rest of the home. The collage you see over the stove is actually custom ceramic tile with recycled bottle caps, buttons, beads and broken pieces of china. How cool is that! Also, the light blue glass tile backsplash is made of bubble glass. It was custom-designed by Wohlberg/Levy Designs on Long Island—beautiful work.

#4 – Who designed the cabinetry?

peacock mosaic backsplash Ken Kelly designed the kitchen cabinetry and banquet cabinetry in Wood Mode - Sierra on Cherry finish, with Sonoma Square Recessed Panel Doors. I thought the cabinetry had to be clean-lined and sleek, and I love the hardware on this job. The turquoise jewels in the handles pick up colors used in the stools and banquet fabric, as well as one of 22 colors from the floor.

#5 – How did you incorporate a laundry center into the remodel?

The clients were willing to give up a bay of their garage to create this laundry room. The old laundry space used to be a hallway that transitioned from the back of the kitchen to garage. During my first visit to the client’s home, the laundry was falling out onto the kitchen floor, and the clients were tripping over it all the time. peacock laundry room

To fix this problem, I eliminated the laundry space and instead created a wall of new kitchen pantries for additional storage, where the old machines were. I then relocated the laundry room by building an adjacent room off the kitchen—and did this by carving it out of the existing garage, matching the cabinetry to the kitchen. We reorganized the layout of the garage so that there was still room for a car and a row of bikes. With the extra space, we were able to design a beautiful new laundry room.

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly is also behind the award-winning Phenomenal Blue Bathroom Remodel we covered a few weeks ago. Based in New York, they come highly recommended by clients and industry professionals alike.