Newest of the New Kitchen Appliances

From on November 02, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Breathe easier, faithful readers. There are some brand-new appliances on the market designed to truly make our lives easier – well, at least the time spent in the new kitchen. Therapists are equipped to handle the rest. The latest trend in appliances is the small multiple-purpose cooking device. Finally, some gadgets designed to keep up with our propensity toward multi-tasking! Here are a few of the newest, hottest small appliances for the kitchen that are seriously awesome and might make you the envy of all of your neighbors… new kitchen blender#1 - BAM! Don’t forget about Emeril - he didn’t forget about you. The master chef has designed a multiuse appliance to help you churn out gourmet meals in no time with a smaller amount of cleanup. The BAM! Machine is a 12-cup food processor, juicer and blender that comes with several attachments to expand its functions, as well as a few hand-picked Emeril-original recipes. new kitchen hand blender#2 - 3-in-1 Hand Blender: Oster designed a hand blender that does all sorts of handy tasks. You can mix your drinks with the hand-blender setup, cut and grate solids with the chopper attachment and carve your turkey with the electric knife. It may be because the holidays are so close, but this small appliance has me thinking it can help me with the entire Thanksgiving feast, from carving the bird to mixing the drink I know I’m going to need by the end of the night! new kitchen multicooker#3 - MultiCooker: Fagor designed one appliance for all of your cooking needs, from the six-minute rush to the 9.5 hour steep. The MultiCooker is a rice steamer, pressure cooker and slow cooker all in one. The downside, however, is that you have to choose one function at a time. But still, it’s very handy and the best part of all? You no longer need an entire cabinet to store these three appliances since they’re all part of this sleek and compact all-in-1 gadget. new kitchen microwave drawer#4 - Microwave Drawer: This idea is so simple and genius. Give yourself some extra countertop space with a lowered microwave drawer. The drawer can be set under the countertop and pulls out just like any other drawer. It’s great for shorter people and kids that want to heat up some nuggets for themselves.