Moveable Kitchen Island/BBQ

From on August 19, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

The way technology is advancing, I’ll soon be able to redecorate my kitchen into the office I’ve always wanted. And why not? I won’t be needing an entire room just for cooking anymore.

moveable-kitchen-island.jpgGunni, a Spanish company, created the Movable Kitchen Island with a pull-out miniature grill. You have everything you need to prepare and cook a meal in a space the size of, well, a grill. The cart, which appears to be somewhere in the neighborhood of one foot by two foot in dimension, is made from quality wood and steel. The four legs are complemented by the cart’s two wheels at one end, making it easy to move from one area to the next.

The butcher block top, which serves as the cutting board and food prep area, contains two drawers underneath. One drawer holds a knife rack so you come prepared with weaponry and the other contains a slide-out grill, which probably uses propane or another fuel in a small tank underneath. The cart also has a shelf near the bottom for storing other items you may need along the way, like bowls, utensils, dishes, etc.

The Movable Kitchen Island is great for homes with small kitchens or for cooking in places where no kitchen is available, like out in the yard or on your camping trip. It’s a neat gadget, but I don’t know how handy it would be for indoor use. I’m guessing you already have everything you need in your kitchen and if your kitchen is small, do you really want to add one more thing to it?


Understandably, though, if you have ample room for a kitchen island - just not room for a sizable one - or the budget for something custom, this could be a great solution. Otherwise, I think it’s a genius idea for giving yourself a little outdoor kitchen. You’ll bring shelf space, work space, knives and a grill out onto the patio. Just enjoy your summertime company while you cook.

Seriously though, if you add a mini-fridge topped with a pint-sized microwave to the Movable Kitchen Island, the entire kitchen could become obsolete. Well, at least until the in-laws arrive for Thanksgiving.