Luxury Kitchen Remodel on a Budget: 8 Tips for Making it Happen

From on June 22, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

I don’t know anyone who would say no to a luxury kitchen. How about a luxury kitchen at a bargain price? It’s not impossible. Here are 8 suggestions for getting that gorgeous kitchen and hanging on to your nest egg at the same time. luxury kitchen granite countertops#1 - Get the granite look without the granite installation. Granite. Countertops. Are. Expensive. Instead of shelling out so much dough for so much rock, you can get the same look, feel and quality using a granite overlay. These smart stone shells actually fit over the countertop you have. You get a granite countertop without paying full price. #2 - Go for glass and ceramic tile rather than the pricier mosaic. Many luxury kitchens feature ultra-fancy mosaic tile arrangements on the backsplash. You don’t need mosaic to look luxury, though. Glass and ceramic tiles will do the trick, and will save you money, too. #3 - Marble, no. Ceramic, yes. One of the most impressive features of a luxury kitchen is the flooring. And usually, it’s marble. The problem is, purchasing marble will wipe out your savings account. Rather than install marble tile, go for its close cousin—ceramic tile. It may be man-made, but it looks just as good. luxury kitchen mosaic backsplash#4 - Laminate is OK. While you’re considering flooring, don’t dismiss laminate flooring as an option. Finer varieties of laminate flooring look exactly like the real thing, plus they are cheaper. As a side-benefit, they are easier to install. #5 - Re-face cabinets. The single most expensive feature of a luxury kitchen remodel is the cabinetry. You will pay through the nose for a nice set of newly installed cabinets. Instead of putting yourself at risk for a major heart attack via sticker shock, go for a cabinet re-facing job. This will allow you to keep your original cabinet, but refresh the entire look with a laminate overlay. #6 - Build-it-yourself cabinets. Another option for inexpensive cabinetry is the build-it-yourself option. Many large chain home improvement stores sell cabinet kits. These look great and work fine. The only caveat is having the time and tools to assemble them. As long as you have a screwdriver and the ability to read pictorial instructions, you’ll do just fine. luxury kitchen stainless steel#7 - Stainless steel finish. Stainless is awesome, and it’s also pricey. Instead of buying stainless steel appliances, opt for the stainless steel finish appliances. They look the same and offer the same level of quality and protection, but they don’t come with the same price tag. More and more manufacturers are developing stainless steel finish appliances. #8 - Use ordinary fixtures. One mark of a high-end kitchen is high-end fixtures. The price of luxury fixtures, of course, is a big non-start for the would-be luxury kitchen remodeler. Never fear. The ordinary brands work just as well. Some of the budget brands offer luxury models, which usually display a good-looking fixture without the high price. Photo Credit: Cain Construction, Susan Jablon Mosaics & Victorian Condo