Let’s Dine-in Tonight: 5 Tips for the Perfect Gathering Spot

From on February 26, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

For those who like to entertain with hearty, neighborhood-renowned feasts, a good dining room design is essential if you want your friends to know your taste in decorating is as fabulous as your cooking. And if your cooking is lacking in the tasty department, then at least they can compliment you on your table settings. Either way, it’s a win-win. If you’re wondering what makes a beautiful dining room beautiful, pay attention to these five designs.

#1 – Warm & Chic

dining room chic Using the idea of cohesive design, this dining room emulates the cozy yet sleek comfort of the adjoining sitting room. It also keeps the colors simple, using the red table runner as an accent and a bowl of green apples in the center to represent the true purpose of the table.

#2 – Eccentric-Colorful

dining room colorful If quirky accents are more your style, this colorful dining room, with its funky overhead lighting fixture may a better fit. Keeping the table design simple, the rest of the décor elements (like the dishes in the glass cabinet behind) are able to shine through.

#3 – Fun with Floral

dining room floral With more elaborate patterns and larger furniture pieces, this dining room feels just like comfort should. The design, while busy for some, lends itself well to more intimate gatherings with a country feel.

#4 – Plush & Bright

dining room bright On the other side of the spectrum is this simplistic design. Using the shapes of the table adornments to create interest, the white of the rug and window coverings make this room feel plush and inviting. Here, it’s the absence of color that captures the eye.

#5 – Boxy-Modern

dining room modern This last dining room represents modern design and could certainly serve as a conversation piece with its noticeably boxy chairs. It looks well put-together and would be perfect for more formal gatherings.