Kitchen Remodeling Heats Up in the San Francisco Bay Area

From on July 09, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


Summer’s in full force and heating up Fog City once again. Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area, including neighbors San Jose and Oakland, continue in their quests to finally reinvigorate their homes—at a rate not seen since before the economic recession.

And guess which space is getting the most attention? The kitchen. For most homeowners it’s the central part of the house, as well as the one that typically receives the most scrutiny from potential home-buyers and realtors alike.

That’s why our San Francisco contractors have dedicated their services to comprehensive kitchen remodels. Because we all know it’s not just about a pretty kitchen, but one that adds lasting value to your home. And with proven track records, the quality of service is second to none.

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Trending San Francisco Kitchen Designs

Form and function in perfect harmony. That’s been the creed of kitchen contractors and designers for decades. Particularly around San Francisco, customers demand kitchens that:

Considering that, one of the most popular overall kitchen designs of 2011 consist of a rough mix of traditional and contemporary elements (consumers are increasingly finding mixed-themed kitchens very attractive). Crown molding, custom cabinetry, and granite or porcelain tile countertop are examples of the traditional. Contrasting curvy, elliptical lines with modern, geometric ones constitute the contemporary. Contemporary elements can also incorporate frosted glass inserts for cabinets, glass countertops (instead of granite or tile), and track- or pendant-style lighting.


Energy Efficient Appliances and Fixtures the Rage

When San Francisco homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens, they want appliances and fixtures that sport style, energy conservation and practical functionality. Low-consumption, LED lighting is rapidly replacing older types such as incandescent lighting. Popular appliances include ultra energy-efficient, drawer-style dishwashers and other Energy Star-rated products.

And the kitchen sink. Who could forget such an important element? Employ the typical, double-basin stainless steel sink with either a pull-out style “spray” faucet or single-handle, polished chrome faucet. Over-the-stove “pot fillers” are as extremely functional as they are charming.

Energy Star rebates and various state and/or federal tax credits apply to many of these items, and more. What’s more, a contractor worth his salt will assist you in every step of the process to find the lowest-cost, highest-quality fixtures and appliances, as well as any applicable rebates and government incentives.

Make Bay Area Kitchen Remodelers Compete For Your Dollar

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