Kitchen Remodeling for Thanksgiving? The Time to Start is Now

From on July 12, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


If you’ve said for years that you’ll have everyone over for Thanksgiving once you finish that kitchen remodel, I’ve got news for you: the time to start planning is now.

Yes, the wonderful holiday centered on food, company and the kitchen may seem far away. But planning now affords you the time you need to find a contractor, sketch out a plan of attack, select your new kitchen fixtures and begin construction.

And it lets you organize each step with much less stress than, say, cooking that eighteen-pound turkey and perfecting the bread pudding brandy sauce.

First Things First

If you haven’t found a contractor, start comparing bids before you do anything else. You may think you can’t afford much, but only a contractor can accurately price your renovation.

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Next, here’s a list of steps that will take you from dreaming about a remodeled kitchen, to cooking in it with glee.


1. Get Your Brainstorming On

The kitchen is, as Julia Child said, the heart of the home. It’s required to provide several different functions. From cooking to storage to gathering everyone in one place, the kitchen is the single most important room in your home. Start by getting together a folder of brainstorm material. Create a list of what you want from your remodel. What are your needs? What needs upgrading the most?

Remember that appliance upgrades are one of the largest returns on investment in a home, and can increase your home’s overall value, not to mention make it more beautiful and functional now. Read up here about how to replace your appliances with affordable choices, and receive government rebates in the meantime.

Collect clippings and notes on what style you want in your new kitchen. Remember that, being such an integral part of the overall household, you want the kitchen to feel new but still flow with the overall aesthetic. Collect kitchen pictures and notes of what you want to achieve both functionally and aesthetically.

2. Plan the Timeline

One of the most helpful things you can do to insure a successful project is to create a plan of needed steps and an accompanying timeline. This gets you through the project in simpler, broken-down phases—and helps the professionals you’ve hired understand your needs and their time limits.

You’ve seen it in neighbors and maybe past projects: there’s nothing more stressful than feeling like a renovation project will never end, or worse, becomes a total failure. While a kitchen renovation can seem a huge task to undertake, everything’s easier when you plan in advance—in planning now.


3. Hire the Right Professionals

After you know the priorities of your kitchen remodel and what you specifically want, a professional can help solidify your plans. Locally based contractors can transform your dreaming into concrete reality. Click here to check out our own great database for a contractor in your area.

Professionals know which appliances and details save money, energy, and qualify for rebates. They also bring their professional experience to the project—and you may even be surprised at concepts they suggest that you never considered, providing you with exactly what you’re wanting—and more.

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