Kitchen Islands that Work Overtime

From on August 05, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen islands do many things. They provide an extra work surface, shelving and storage. They add a sink to the kitchen, bar seating, extra outlets for appliances. And they can become art in and of themselves and set a distinct aesthetic tone. If, as Julia Child said, the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the island is a ventricle, drawing in social activity and energy, and sending out great food. Here are some astoundingly different and beautiful kitchen islands.

island on wheels

Simple in design and function, this table on wheels unites the kitchen area (cooking/eating surface) and the library (work table), with its multiple purposes, while on the other hand distinguishing the narrow but open space. For a party, this table could be pushed aside as another serving table, allowing for more open floor space.

island stainless steel

Sleek and steel, this large island makes up half the kitchen with its drawers, shelving, bar area and stove. Such a set-up creates plenty of cooking space within close proximity, allowing the chef to simply turn rather than move across an entire kitchen.

island granite countertop

Sleek and substantial, this granite-top surface can be a cutting board, hot pot surface and serving area. Though the rest of this kitchen has plenty of storage and utensils for fine fare, the surface area for preparing food is actually limited, which makes this central preparing surface necessary for a lone chef or group-participating dinner party.

island functionality

On the more bucolic side, this island integrates smoothly into the overall kitchen space, creating alleys and channels for traveling through the kitchen. Though it’s an obvious extra component to the build-in kitchen structures, this island matches perfectly in look and height and allows for a discreet uber-functional piece.

kitchen island wine cellar

This sleek island integrates beautifully into this classic American kitchen area while providing a convenient wine cellar. With a full modern kitchen, dining area, comfortable work space, great view and wine choices, one would rarely need to leave this beautiful room.

Photo Credit: Mrs Limestone & Arch and Home Interior