Why Kitchen Cabinets Make or Break Your Remodel

From on October 14, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

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Of all the things to consider in your home, you’d think that kitchen cabinetry falls low on the list. Yet, because of the functionality of the kitchen, getting the cabinets right not only affects the aesthetics, but changes how well you navigate when cooking.

If you’re remodeling the kitchen, think about these cabinetry choices, and then to receive a free price quote for installation, click here.

Wide Open Spaces

open cabinet remodel While some go crazy with the thought of dust accumulating on unused dishes, a much-used and casual kitchen can benefit greatly from open cabinets. Yes, some bohemian takes on this concept can mix-match and stack dishes, but an open-cabinet kitchen doesn’t have to be consigned to mayhem.

Remember to keep the pretty but not-much used stuff above, leaving the reachable space for everyday items. And have fun with it.

Modern Take on Antique

modern cabinet remodel A favorite here at CalFinder, Plain English specializes in custom kitchen cabinetry that brings the best of old-school style into the 21st century. Looking to Shaker furniture, the designers have created fuss-free cabinets that run flush to the floor, and cupboards that rely on wooden runners.

There’s no denying the beauty of their creations. This simplicity may seem like a small detail, but to-the-floor simple cabinetry keeps heat (and the ends of those carrots that fall when chopping) from getting caught in the corners. In such a busy room, streamlining the look and design can be important.

On the Move with Metal

cabinet remodel stainless steel Looking to commercial kitchens for inspiration, many home kitchens are foregoing the need for heavy built-in cabinetry. Instead, kitchens are going the way of tall and moveable metal shelving and moveable stainless steel islands, allowing for a light aesthetic and transformability in such a multi-purpose room.

Consider creating a custom kitchen (that can move with you, renters), which not only lets light in through its sinewy structure, but allows for you to create the exact kitchen you need.

Photo Credit: Plain English & Country Living