Kitchen Cabinet Experts for Your Dream Kitchen

From on June 11, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2008-2009 shows that kitchen remodeling is still a smart investment for both midrange and upscale projects. Even in these current economic times, investing in kitchen remodeling is still likely to give you a 70-80% return on your investment when you sell your home—and think of the pleasure you and your family will get, right now, from a kitchen upgrade. That’s worth a lot in the quality-of-life zone. Your dream kitchen is likely to include new or upgraded cabinetry. Imagine the instant visual impact of beautiful cabinets. And all that great storage space! It’s amazing how much well-designed kitchen cabinets can hold, for both convenient access and eye-catching displays. CalFinder can connect you with kitchen remodeling experts who include kitchen cabinet installation in their services. These examples of a few CalFinder experts and their projects will give you ideas for creating your own dream kitchen. gsyouldenkitchen.jpgPhoto credit: G.S. Youlden G.S. Youlden definitely know how to execute a dream kitchen. Look at these classic white cabinets topped with granite counters and sleek sink fixtures. The warm tones in the countertops complement the wood floors, while the glass-paned wall cabinetry will show off beautiful kitchen accessories and make it really clear what’s where. Youlden is based in Massachusetts. sskitchen.jpgPhoto credit: Samuel Sinnott & Company Samuel Sinnott & Company has been in business since 1983, and founder Samuel Sinnott is both a licensed architect and contractor. You will truly get conceptual design services and value engineering from this company, as this kitchen with high ceilings and flawless cabinetry shows. kitchen.jpgPhoto credit: Watermark Architects Builders WaterMark Architects and Builders specialize in high-quality design solutions that bring long-term value. This kitchen features warm wood cabinetry around the walls and the large island. The built-in office nook is a great place for planning menus and emailing friends while waiting for the pot to boil—its open shelving and desk continue the theme of the cabinetry. Based in Texas, WaterMark delivers home, home on the range with style.