Savoring the Brilliance of Johnny Grey Kitchens

From on February 24, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

johnny grey kitchen remodel

No doubt you’ve heard of Johnny Grey. Named the world’s best kitchen designer by The New York Times, Grey has revolutionized how the world looks at the kitchen. Grey himself is more than an architect. He’s a thinker, a visionary. He’s the Beethoven of today’s kitchen design world, blazing forward with a brilliance that his increasing number of cult followers is just trying to keep up with.

A graduate of the London Architectural Association School of Architecture, Grey began to explore new ways of designing kitchens after a client wanted a rather unconventional Gothic punk kitchen. In fact, Grey wrote a manifesto on design. For Grey, architecture is the merging of beauty and highly personalized functionality. He’s even undertaken neuroscience research projects at Salford University to explore the intersection of architecture and wellbeing.

johnny grey kitchen design

In the 30-plus years of his career, Grey has written game-changing books like, The Art of Kitchen Design, and served such clients as Steve Jobs, the English National Opera director Loretta Tomasi, publisher Felix Dennis, and Sting, to name a few. So what’s behind this wild success?

From the initial meeting to installation, Johnny Grey’s team comes in to fit your new kitchen to your individual needs. The first meeting in the client’s property involves a focused brainstorm that becomes the nucleus for the project. Often such a meeting initiates a look at how the ground floor functions as a whole.

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Grey’s team designs “handmade kitchens for the modern home.” Often well-based cabinetry is replaced with freestanding pieces. Researched ergonomic principles set the foundation for improved flow through the space. As Grey believes that beauty should pair with function, the individual spaces he creates merge together seamlessly. Each kitchen is treated as uniquely as its owner.

As a result? Grey’s kitchens become more than a place to cook. They become truly customized spaces, functional sanctuaries highly attuned to the needs of those within. With Grey, you’re not just getting a new kitchen, you’re getting a new look at life.

johnny grey kitchen design