Incorporating a Wet Bar into your Kitchen

From on April 16, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

A wet bar is a small “mini kitchen” that can be located anywhere within a home and is used for many entertaining situations such as dinner-parties, football games, or for simply a drink after work. These little bars can be as simple as some shot-glasses and a water-source to a fully decked-out entertainment system. The whole idea of a wet bar is to have a specific area that accommodates every entertainment need. Below are three different examples of wet bars that begin at the simple and practical and extend to the vast and extravagant. The bare-bones model. Start with a basic cabinet base with side drawers and install a nice countertop. Have your contractor install plumbing and electrical to facilitate a small sink and electrical outlet. Overhead recessed lighting is a nice touch. Accessorize with commonly used utensils and dishes, and include towels, napkins, and commonly used condiments. You can include a wine rack and serving trays if desired. A well-rounded yet affordable option. A wet bar is definitely more of a pleasurable and unique feature in a home than a necessity. So why not have a little fun in planning yours? Install upper and lower cabinets that incorporate wine racks and glass doors to display your stemware. If your location allows, create a sit-down section where guests can pull up a stool and visit. Provide plenty of counterspace for presenting hors d’oeuvres. A small refrigerator/freezer allows for beverages and a ready supply of ice. Have plenty of electrical outlets to allow for blenders, warmers, or any other small appliances. Again, well-placed lighting is important. Dress up your bar with a decorative tile backsplash, classy faucet, and attractive hardware. The “wow” your friends and family wet bar. If you really want to go all out and make a statement, why not make your wet bar the ultimate entertainment center? Include all of the basics discussed above, but step it up a notch and include a surround-sound system, plasma TV, dishwasher, and everything else you need for the perfect party. Keep your cabinets well-stocked with your favorite drinks and snacks to allow you to entertain quickly and easily. Whether you just need an attractive way to add some more cabinetry to your kitchen, or you want to be known as the “king or queen of entertainment” amongst your circle of friends, adding a wet bar to your home can be a fun and rewarding project that will add a unique and unusual twist to your home. Entertaining isn’t fun if one person has to spend the whole time stressing over keeping everyone served and happy. Not to mention being stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is elsewhere. A wet bar encourages self-service and creates a visiting center. Contact a certified contractor today to begin building your new entertainment center.