Kitchen Improvements Your Cooking Will Thank You For

From on December 10, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

cooking kitchen improvements island

Does your kitchen seem as droopy and unimpressive as a night owl before their morning coffee? Is your cooking—or desire to cook—affected by the lackluster space? Give your kitchen (and overall home value) a perk without pouring out your pockets.

While it can be hard to tell which projects are actually worth the time and money, these three unobtrusive changes can revolutionize your kitchen.

Fresh Paint for the New Year

kitchen improvements painting cabinets

A simple choice of new color can completely change the look of your kitchen. Paint over scratches, food stains, and discoloration with a fresh hue—one that will encourage you and your family to ring in the New Year with style.

If you’ve had light cabinetry with a bold color, consider painting the walls a lighter shade and going a shade darker on trim and cabinetry, creating an entirely new and chic look without major changes.

Sleek Hardware & Backsplash

cooking kitchen improvements backsplash

Though addressing other surfaces like flooring and window framing can also make huge improvements on an old kitchen, your hardware and backsplash provide a dramatic bang for your buck.

Start by replacing old knobs, towel racks, and door handles. Even consider adding useful hardware such as a suspended pot hanger or magnetic knife strip. In such a complicated room, try stainless steel knobs that will look great and wear well.

For your backsplash, go with patterned tile in neutral shades that can complement a variety of kitchen colors. The simpler, the better. You may need help with installation, so connect with a professional to go over your options.

Less is More

cooking kitchen improvementsKitchen remodeling can boost an 85.2% increase in your home’s value. And this doesn’t mean huge renovations. In fact, more and more homeowners are opting for small but significant changes in their kitchen.

Consider what a difference updating your dishwasher, stove or fridge can do. Or look to your kitchen cabinets for refacing, repainting or replacing. Your cooking will thank you for it.

Photo Credit: Rebekah Zaveloff at DesigninaBag, Lowes