Icestone Countertops - All that Pretty Glass, Shimmer & Pizzazz

From on March 12, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

In the push to live green, there are companies that are great at talking the talk… and then there are those that actually walk the walk. Brooklyn-based IceStone is definitely part of the card-carrying eco-pro variety. With their new line of green countertops and programs to educate their employees on what “green” actually means, they’re doing their part for generations to come. And what’s more – the countertops aren’t just good for the environment, but they’re beautiful, too.

icestone recycled countertops

Designed in a whopping 29 different colors, these stylish countertops are made strictly from recycled glass and concrete. If a backsplash, sink or interior wall is what you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered there as well. These products contain no chemicals, which in turn means no fading from exposure to sunlight. And with a Cradle to Cradle certification, they can contribute to LEED points for building construction.

icestone kitchen countertopsicestone glass countertop

If you aren’t convinced that going green in this area of your home design will work for you, just take a look at these samples. The glass shimmers through each color to form the perfect extra touch to any room design.

icestone kitchen island countertops

With a dedication to ensuring that their business is impacting the environment in a positive way, IceStone is one company worth supporting. And with designs this great, what do you really have to lose?