How your Kitchen Shape Influences the Remodeling Process

From on April 29, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Plans and LayoutA kitchen remodel is a big step in your life, and you want to make sure your finished product is worth all of the time and money invested. An important element in a successful kitchen remodel is a well designed layout.

The shape of your kitchen greatly influences the design. You must evaluate not only the size and shape of your kitchen, but your house as a whole. The size of your kitchen should match the rest of your home so as not to appear overbearing or inadequate in comparison. You want it to be a classy feature, not something that stands out like a sore thumb; either too elaborate or too plain. If working within a small space, optimize your cabinet space, and choose compact appliances. If you have a large space, break it up with an island, a popular inclusion in modern kitchens.

Maintain a theme of “flow” when planning your design. In most cases, you have a basic shape you must work within; but there should be many ways of rearranging your cabinetry and appliances to create a smooth flow. Try to imagine the daily operations of the kitchen, including working, entertaining, and visiting. Arrange everything for maximum productivity and a strong presentation. Three such arrangements are the U-Shape, G-Shape, and the L-Shape.

The location of your kitchen is a contributing factor as well. If you have a passageway through the middle of the room, you need to plan your layout accordingly. If possible, avoid placing cabinets and appliances in locations where they will block traffic or cause frustration. Take into account cabinet placement also. If your kitchen can be seen from the family room or entryway, avoid placing cabinets where they will create a closed-in feel. Most homes benefit the most from open and spacious rooms, and your kitchen should be no exception.

As mentioned in previous discussions, don’t rule-out the possibility of expanding or rearranging your space. Take down or build walls as needed to make your kitchen remodel as big of an asset as possible. After all, you only have one chance to create your masterpiece. Create a kitchen that awes, not bombs. Request free estimates from
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