How to Remodel a Kitchen With Children Underfoot

From on January 11, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-remodeling-with-kidsKitchen remodeling and children have many similarities. You dream, plan, hope for a beautiful outcome. And in the middle of everything, you realize that it’s even more wonderful—and insanely out of control—than you imagined.

And you think: how in the world can I combine a successful renovation and children? At the same time? In the same room?

We suggest transforming this notion—that an in-progress kitchen renovation is constantly in your face—into an opportunity to involve the entire family, no matter what their ages.

Here are some suggestions how.

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1. Go in Stages

With little ones around, it may not be possible to uproot your entire kitchen and eat takeout like you might’ve done in days of yore. Like most situations with kids, which require modification to meet your new family needs, consider going in stages. Painting one weekend. Replace appliances the next week. Uproot your flooring during an at-home “family movie day.”

2. Keep Your Kids in Tow

natural-kitchen-remodelingWhile it may take you longer, and require more preliminary planning, consider taking your kids along to Home Depot, IKEA, and the drapery shop.

Granted, it can be incredibly distracting to have kids in tow, it may be just the pressure you need to spark that creative kitchen ideas brainstorm and force you to choose between the steel or concrete kitchen countertops.

3. Involve Them When it Makes Sense

Honor that this is a family space by hearing everyone out. Even really young children can have amazing out-of-the box ideas, and involving everyone will help the project feel like a true group effort. Keeping your children in mind during the planning (and even painting and new hardware-installment phases) can help you remember the cultural needs of your group.

4. Get Them Out of the Way When Necessary

Sometimes the kitchen project runs best when the kiddos are scooted out the door. Start the portions of your planning stages that you know will require extra effort and focus from the adults, and send your children to a friend’s or babysitter’s for the afternoon. You’ll be glad you had the focused time.

5. Let the Tots Play Renovation

Let your littlest of the bunch feel involved without getting in the way, by creating their own work station. If they are playing at their own table with toy wooden tools, sandpaper, and “paint” (construction paper, a cup of water, a paintbrush), they will feel involved without overstepping boundaries.