Making Your Kitchen Warm and Fuzzy

From on June 24, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

warm kitchenThe kitchen: a gathering spot for friends and family to enjoy food preparation, eating, and most importantly, visiting. As this article, Sensational Sanctuaries, points out, “…islands, cook tops, built-ins - it’s all about specific zones so the whole family can get into the act and share the experience.” If your kitchen falls into this category of entertainment center of the home, then it’s time to make sure it is as warm, fuzzy, and welcoming as possible.

Reaching this goal actually encompasses many varying elements that must all fall together into a harmonious operation. Each of these factors contributes to creating a warm and fuzzy environment.

  • Layout. Ample work space, organization, and quality appliances all contribute to the feeling. Install an island for added features and workspace, more cabinetry for plenty of storage, and energy efficient appliances.
  • Color. Warm tones such as golds, browns, creams, and reds all work to set a warm mood. Colors that remind us of food will also stimulate the taste buds, while creating a general ambiance that subtly draws people to it.
  • Lighting. There is not much welcoming about a dark room. You should try to achieve a bright and airy feeling through natural lighting for daylight hours, along with providing overhead and task lighting for evening hours.
  • Appearance. The overall appearance of the kitchen perhaps plays the most important role in setting the mood. If the kitchen is outdated and run-down, you’re not going to feel too motivated to spend much time there.

Like an alluring aroma flitting through the air, so is a cheery kitchen for welcoming you and your family home after a long day. If you are ready to give your kitchen a needed facelift, then request free estimates from licensed kitchen remodeling contractors in your area today.