How to Design a Comfy Kitchen Seating Nook

From on February 18, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Getting up early may be easier if you have a cozy corner to enjoy your morning coffee. Even the smallest of kitchens, with the right tools and tips, can be roomy enough for a small table and chairs. Here are some ideas to carve out a place in your eatery. kitchen breakfast nook To start, you need masking tape and a measuring tape to outline the work area.

  1. Clear the spot for a “blank canvas” approach. Study the creative space you have for your nook. Do you want a table and chairs? Barstools or a bench? What height furniture do you prefer?
  2. Plan for traffic patterns. A rule of thumb is walkways should be at least as wide as one width of newspaper.
  3. Tape off the area. Bring furniture from other rooms to fill the space; this will give you a feel for the room available to sit around a table and maneuver through the pathway. Is there legroom to sit and enjoy? Does the pathway offer enough room to get by?
  4. Measure the stand-in furniture and shop within those dimensions. An inch here and there can obscure the flow and leave you wondering why you’re avoiding the space you worked so hard to set up.
  5. Ask about the return policy for furnishings – what you’re sure will fit while calculating in the store may not accommodate your kitchen.
  6. Arrange your furniture and accessorize with paintings to expand the space’s focal appeal.

Before you know it, your dream kitchen will be a whole lot dreamier.