Green Kitchen Guide

From on October 01, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

As the hub of household activity, the kitchen has evolved so much over the past few decades. It only makes sense that if you’re going to green up your house, you should start with a kitchen remodel, where new eco-friendly ways to live are being cooked up every day. Here are some resources for beautiful green kitchen materials:

Green Kitchen Flooring

Rubber Flooring - Made from recycled tires, this flooring isn’t just easy on the environment, it’s easy on your joints, feet, knees, hips and spine. You can get rubber flooring for the kitchen in a roll or interlocking kitchen remodel cork flooringCork Flooring

- Cork is another great flooring material that is eco-friendly and excellent for your joints. Be sure to look for companies that responsibly harvest the cork - it can be done without actually chopping any trees!

Bamboo Flooring

- It’s hard to miss the beauty of bamboo or the growing popularity of this green material. Bamboo is a great way to get a uniquely textured solid wood in your kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Countertops

green kitchen remodel recycled glass countertops


- It’s not just for basements, garages and sidewalks anymore! Concrete makes a solid difference inside the home as well. Concrete countertops are eco-friendly, durable, easy to maintain and can be finished in some amazing patterns, textures and colors.

Recycled Glass

- They can now make countertops out of last night’s firewater. Recycled glass tops convert old liquor bottles and other post-consumer glass products into very attractive and unique countertops that are built to last.

Recycled Paper

- Unbelievable, I know, but there are countertops available made from recycled paper. Flimsy as the idea may seem, these heavy-duty tops are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled products.

Natural Wall Paints & Finishes

green kitchen remodel earth finishes

Milk Paint

- Another good reason to give thanks to our world’s hardworking cows. Milk paint is an all-natural product that contains no VOCs or harmful agents. This product has actually been around since near the beginning of time - it’s about time we get back to our roots.

Earth Plasters

- This type of wall finish can give your kitchen rich colors and texture without any of the toxins found in other types of plaster. Earth Plasters are non-dusting, mold and fade-resistant, repairable and moisture controlling.

Venetian Plaster

- Another 100 percent all natural product, Venetian plaster can give your kitchen walls a great finish in a healthy and attractive manner.

Let There Be Light!

Self-Dimming Lights - I am so impressed with this product. These smart lights sense how much natural illumination lights your kitchen and then determines how much of its own power it needs to use at any particular time. These efficient lights will dim themselves automatically when more light is present and shine their brightest when kitchen remodel natural lightingSolar Tubes

- These devices are great for adding natural light to a kitchen, especially if you can’t add a window or skylight. Sunlight is captured from your rooftop and carried down a tube into the light fixture on your kitchen ceiling and voila! Light.

Garden Windows

- Whether you have windows in your kitchen or not, the addition of the garden window can easily enhance your kitchen lighting. Not only will they add light, but they give you an indoor growing space, possibly saving you some room on your countertops.