Green Gurus, Your Kitchen is Coming

From on February 17, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

If you still can’t figure out where your salad remains go, the Ekokook kitchen of the future politely suggests that you get your act together. According to Faltazi, creator of this space-like new home addition, the self-sustained eco-friendly kitchen is coming—perhaps sooner than we all thought. ekokook kitchen island Where waste and insufficiency may have been the way of the past, Faltazi suggests that not only is it possible to make conservation and reuse a mainstay in our communities, but in our own homes as well. Can’t seem to make those leafy greens stay green? There’s a drawer for that. Would you like a little garden right where you cook? There’s a drawer for that. By golly, I think they’ve thought of everything. ekokook kitchen sinkekokook kitchen countertop Of course, if you have a household that continually struggles to contain the pungent aroma of your trash can, the most vital contribution of this new kitchen may very well be its ability to break down waste before it takes your breath away. It’ll even work triple-time by breaking down your solids, organics and liquids in separate areas. ekokook kitchen garden Worried about the potential homeliness of such a useful kitchen? Worry no more, my appearance-crazed friend. With its features all contained in one highly organized and contemporary-looking center island, your guests would never be able to guess how efficient your kitchen actually is. Yes, I think you’ve got all your bases covered. ekokook kitchen design