Going Vintage in the Kitchen

From on August 13, 2008 in Green Remodeling

o’keefe and merrit vintage stoveIn an age of stainless steel and plastic, going vintage is a refreshing turn for many homeowners. And there may be no better place to incorporate vintage materials than in the kitchen. Furthermore, using vintage materials saves valuable items from the landfill, making vintage a feel-good and appealing option for your kitchen remodel. From fixtures to frills, the kitchen holds a wealth of opportunity for history-minded homeowners.

Vintage Appliances

Appliances are the focal point of our daily lives in the kitchen and there is no more prominent way to go vintage in the kitchen. You might find vintage appliances at local salvage yards and have them restored and refurbished. Antique Appliances is one resource for your vintage kitchen. They not only restore and resell refrigerators and stoves themselves but also provide a classifieds section where homeowners can buy and sell.

Vintage Sinks

Salvaged sinks are another high-profile way to take the vintage road. Vintage sinks can be found in a variety of materials including copper and stainless steel. Older sinks are usually deep and wide and hold a very prominent place in the kitchen. Look for vintage sinks at the salvage yard or online.

Vintage Tiles

You can often find bins full of salvaged tiles while browsing your local yard. Tiles have a variety of uses in the kitchen. Think about a vintage tile floor, countertop, backsplash, and more. You can get creative and mix tile styles and colors for a unique look.

Fixtures and Accessories

Don’t forget the smaller ways you can go vintage such as old faucets and other fixtures. Plus frills like antique switch plates and cabinet handles. These fun little extras may require a lot of walks through local thrift stores and warehouses but it’s exciting because you never know what might jump out at you.