Getting Out of a Tough Corner

From on September 15, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen cabinet pulloutI have an older kitchen with limited storage space in the cabinets. One cabinet is a sliver that is just filling space between the wall and the stove and another is a corner cabinet that looks good until you open it to an enormous waste of space – the blind corner. Nothing can be reached once it’s in there, so we call it the black hole. Do you have a problem similar in your cabinets? Here are some great solutions.

Lazy Susans

I used to have a large one that sits on swivels for each shelf. Canned products worked real well on it, but there was still a lot of empty space. Well, Lazy Susans have come a long way. Now you can get them installed, or install them yourself from a kit, on tracks that either pull out and pivot, or pivot out as you pull open the cabinet door. They come in single or double shelf varieties, and along with different sizes are different shapes: “D” shapes, half-moons, full circles, even pie shapes. As you close your cabinet door, they fit right into that empty space. The Lazy Susan sizes can be as small or as large as you need them to be.

Pull Outs

You could put baskets on those shelves, but then, if you wanted one that was behind another, you would have to pull them all out. Solution … baskets that pivot, moving to the back of the cabinet when the door closes and to the front when the door opens. Pull outs come in right or left hand sliders. The door of the cabinet can also be a one-piece corner style or accordion style.

Slide Out or Roll Out Units

These are perfect for the filler space that absolutely nothing fits in except your one cookie sheet and a bunch of Tupperware lids. They come as baskets or shelves attached to the door on slider tracks. Just pull open the door and the whole unit pulls out.

Most of these units come in kits and are easily installed, or you can call your local contractor for a quick and easy install job. Now you can fill that black hole and make it useful without needing to grow 6 inches in arm length to reach anything. This is a job worth having done.

Image Source: Kitchen Accessories Unlimited