Gadgets and Appliances for the High-Tech Kitchen

From on April 22, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Gone are the days of hand-washing dishes and kneading bread by hand. Our grandmothers would be astonished at the myriad of high-tech kitchen appliances and gadgets we have to choose from; and we don’t even use half of them! Depending on your budget, appliances range from basic to high-tech; but all support an enjoyable modern kitchen. Refrigerators. Choose from built-ins, freestanding models, under-counter models, drawer refrigerators, and wine cellars. Select from side-by-side doors, models with the freezer on the bottom, and the modern French door styles. Cooking. Modern cooking takes on a whole new meaning with convection ovens, even-heat sensors, temperature probes, and warming drawers. Induction cooktops are the epitome of energy efficiency. This magnetic method of directly transferring the heat to the cookware is 90 percent efficient compared to the standard electric range at 70 percent and the gas burner at 40 percent. Range hoods offer a whole other dimension with advanced ventilation and air-quality control. Under-cabinet warming heaters allow for instant warming of prepared dishes. Dishwashing. Modern dishwashers promote energy efficient and water-conserving features that actually make dishwashing enjoyable. Short on space, or just want to hide the dishwasher? Try out the drawer model or in-sink model. Appliances fill basic needs, but how about the luxurious extras? Check out these modern gadgets.

  • A trash compacter can reduce your household garbage output by up to 80 percent.
  • Just some of the innovative gadgets gracing modern kitchens include: warmer drawers, ovens that actually refrigerate the food until you’re ready to cook it, wine coolers, and double ovens.
  • A food processor can chop, blend, mince, and shred your food instantly, saving you precious time in meal preparation, while a freestanding mixer can make the bread, cakes, cookies, and mashed potatoes your taste buds will appreciate.
  • Every coffee lover needs one of these. Save yourself hundreds by buying your own pro-line espresso machine. This custom unit will grind your coffee beans, percolate your coffee, froth the milk for lattes and cappuccinos, and heat water for tea and hot chocolate.

With so many different wonderful choices for kitchens, anyone can turn their dream kitchen into a reality. Request a free estimate from a certified contractor today to begin your kitchen renovation.