Five Intriguing Kitchen Islands

From on May 02, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen IslandsAdding an island to your kitchen is a great way to add style, definition, and additional cabinetry and workspace. Depending on you needs, there are several different styles of islands, and yours can be custom built to fit your preferences.

A helpful tip to follow when considering the addition of an island: if your kitchen is smaller than 8’x 12’, you probably don’t have room for one. Although this isn’t a requirement, it is recommended to have your island be at least 4’x 2’. If space is an issue, there are more portable models as small as 30” that still look great and are perfectly functional.

The simple basic design. If you are on a restricted budget, but can really use some more cabinetry and working space, just choose a basic cabinet unit with a simple countertopping. One of the great aspects with islands is that they don’t have to match your other cabinets and countertops; they can introduce a look all of their own while adding an interesting variation to your kitchen.

The double island. If you have a very large kitchen and want a way to break up all of that extra space, add definition with two parallel islands. As illustrated in this picture, one makes a great eating/visiting bar, while the other is more utilitarian. Although you can get away without matching the islands to the other cabinetry, it’s probably a good idea to have parallel islands match.

The wet-bar island. Add some fun to you kitchen and spice-up your entertaining with a wet-bar island. Include a sink, refrigerator, wine rack, cabinets for supplies, and even a seating area for visiting. Leave enough counterspace for presenting Hors D’Oeuvres and appetizers.

The cooking center island. Been dreaming of adding some modern appliances? Well, now is your chance to turn your island into the cooking center of your kitchen. Include a cooktop, oven, small frig, sink, and a range hood. If everything is within arms reach, the cook can prepare meals while enjoying company of friends and family.

The furniture style island. This island is made to imitate an elegant piece of furniture, and will make a statement in any kitchen. Complete with all the features available in any other style of island, this one throws in a curved body design along with clawfoot feet to impersonate a piece of furniture. Definitely a beautiful piece that will draw attention.

Whatever design you select, you can’t go wrong adding an island to your kitchen. Always a popular feature, you will reap the benefits when you market your home as well. View our growing photo gallery of kitchen islands and request free-estimates from professional kitchen contractors today to plan your island.