The Fabulous Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

From on December 29, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

farmhouse sinks

While you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, you may be thinking about everything but the kitchen sink. And indeed, replacing appliances is an important first step to increasing your home’s value.

But don’t disregard the role the sink plays in the kitchen. More than just a place to rinse vegetables and plates, a big farmhouse sink can make or break hand-washing dishes, and can even be a way to pack those drinks in ice during a crowded party.

With so much use, the sink becomes an unexpected focal point in your kitchen. And a great sink goes a long way in adding value and style to the place where you spend time at multiple parts of the day. Take a look at these farmhouse kitchens that add a lot of space and a lot of bang for your buck.

white farmhouse sink

All-white and traditional, this farmhouse sink blends smoothly with the cabinetry.

copper farmhouse sinkCopper creates a new and sleek take on the traditional shape.

porcelain farmhouse sink

Classic and subtle color make this sink stank out with style. The hardware adds the finishing touch.

inlaid farmhouse sink

Inlaid sinks like this one integrate into an open area without drawing too much attention.

boxy farmhouse sink

And this modern beauty draws much attention to itself, nodding to the traditional farmhouse style with a boxy and beautiful revision.

Photo Credit: Becker Architects, Signature Hardwares, Houzz, Amoroso Design, & Trendir