Extraordinary Remodels: The Outdoor Kitchen

From on August 26, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Do you hate hosting soirees? Ever feel like you’re trapped in the kitchen, longing to be mingling and relaxing with your guests? We’ve found your happy medium: the outdoor kitchen. Today, designers build eco-friendly, neutral-toned outdoor kitchens that curve sensuously around your landscaping. It’s a harmonious blend of the indoors & outdoors - because you deserve an open area for being the life of the party and not just the caterer. Everything you need for entertainment, meal prep, cooking and serving is right there with you.

outdoor-kitchen-patio.jpgPhoto Credit: Pure Contemporary

The outdoor kitchen is a great place to go green. Nearly everything in the open space can be planned with natural materials.

Modern designs incorporate:


  • A great deal of stone masonry to shape the outdoor chamber
  • Beams and trellises for creating shade and hanging twinkle lights
  • Elegant nighttime lighting
  • Fireplace for atmosphere (and hopefully s’mores)
  • All the appliances you’ll need for preparing a feast
  • Plenty of storage space for keeping useful items on hand

The outdoor kitchen eating nook is spacious but cozy, rugged but charming, and still very stylish and comfortable. The appliances are typically stainless steel, which can easily withstand the elements without rusting or rotting.

Heighten the Soiree Experience

New technology = pure awesome. The sky’s the limit for your entertainment components. Imagine casually reaching over from your lush outdoor recliner to pump up the volume on the outdoor stereo-audio or home theater system (or if you ever want me to come over, the potency of the drink mixing station).

Quick CalFinder poll: What’s your #1 all-time favorite party song? And you can’t say YMCA.