Engineered Quartz Countertops, Move Over Concrete and Granite

From on May 16, 2008 in CalFinder News

Formica, concrete, and granite have all been popular choices for countertopping in recent years, but is it time for a new product to take center-stage? Engineered quartz is growing in use and popularity, and is rapidly becoming the “in” product. Quartz Countertops Some varieties of engineered quartz come directly mined in slabs, but the majority of what you see is created in a manufacturing plant. It consists of 95% ground quartz and 5% hard polymer resins. Loved because of their vast color choices, high durability, and overall beauty, quartz countertops can also be kept 99.9 percent bacteria free. Although they don’t require resealing, caution should be taken with extreme heat as they can be damaged. Quartz counters are available in several color shades ranging from earth tones to deep blues and greens. Mixed with pigments during the manufacturing process, it can duplicate the look of granite, corion, concrete, or marble. The edges can be finished in a variety of designs with beveled and rounded curves. Another positive feature of quartz is it can be used in more places other than stones. Because it is manufactured, it can be adjusted to fit large areas, backsplashes, and shower enclosures without having to have many seams. Engineered quartz is a very heavy material, and should only be installed by an experienced professional. A beautiful new product that is just beginning to take off in popularity, engineered quartz counters are comparable to granite in price. If you want an up-and-coming material that is different from all of the rest, this is the choice for you.